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Look at your bills and think if there is any possibility that you could cut them.

It is really quite easy to reduce the amount of money you spend on them.

Take for one the electricity or heating. You can buy efficient light bulbs, turn off the lights and appliances when you don't use them, switch off the heating when you go out, restrict the usage of air conditioning...

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In times of economic crisis it is really important to save money. But how? Read about it and learn tricks to spend less and have more control over your budget. You can easily save money on almost everything: electricity, gas, food and clothes. Just set saving goals and stick to them.

2011-08-22 09:15:25
deepak wrote:
Dear sir how can i reduce my expences on daily retuine

2011-08-22 12:02:51
adu darko stephen wrote:
i have two jobs but i find it difficult to save.
what should i do?

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what should i do

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Amir Hussein Younesi wrote:
thanks . everyone must do one,s best

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