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It may be a good idea to examine your phone expenses.

If you have a landline and a mobile phone think if you need both. Cancelling one line could mean one less bill every month. You should also look closely at your current phone package. Do you use all the free-of-charge minutes? Many people have phone packages that are too expensive for their needs, so read your bill carefully.

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2011-09-14 16:39:24
Amila Rajasinghe wrote:
Thanks a lot.Yes,it's better to have one phone.I will go for the hand phone.

2011-09-16 09:27:38
ayelwin wrote:

2011-09-29 02:44:31
now type your name wrote:
Thanks, it good to use phone wisely.
Since we are in information Age,phones has become part of us but we have to manage it.

2011-09-29 02:45:10
now type your name wrote:
Opoku Dapaah Shadrack

2011-10-18 05:33:35
mistry wrote:

2011-10-19 17:41:24
ngozi wrote:
you are there

2011-10-22 15:38:02
now type your name wrote:
padmini.it's better

2011-11-07 14:35:45
wosukira richard wrote:
Thanks,it is good to have one phone because it reduces the money you spend as air time.

2011-12-02 08:03:23
now type your name wrote:

2011-12-24 18:14:55
wazed chowdhury wrote:

2012-01-05 10:11:59
Janardhana Reddy wrote:
It is a nice idea but the same time it is compulsary

2012-01-06 08:56:26
Mariam Ali wrote:
It's a good idea but sometimes there is convince in using two lines

2012-01-15 16:46:39
nafeesulhaqsaqib@gmail.com wrote:
Very Goooooooood !!!!!

2012-02-19 08:37:21
sanam wrote:
very useful.thanks

2012-02-28 22:10:12
Yvonne Owusu wrote:
I love these tips!

2012-03-09 19:04:25
now type your name wrote:

2012-11-19 15:33:47
Tulasiram Prajapati wrote: